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Group SMS Broadcasting Service via GSM Handsets

Group SMS Broadcasting Service via GSM Handsets
Easy to use Nokia Group SMS broadcasting service helps to send mass text messages at both national and international level. Bulk SMS sending utility provides facility to import mobile numbers either from a text files or phone memory to send SMS from computer to mobile phones.
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Group SMS sender tool transfers massive messages like business offers, inauguration details, invitations greetings, latest updates, interview calls, business news, meetings information, seasonal card from PC to other mobile phones connecting via GSM based cell phones.
Exclusive text messaging software composes and forwards bulk SMS to volumes of people in a very short span of time. Text message sending application efficiently supports all GSM based cell phones and successfully sends business messages to individual or group of people residing anywhere in the world.
Instant text messaging gateway transfers your product news at your desired location and saves your valuable time to personally call them. Software helps users to meet all marketing requirement of all customers by using an efficient text messaging gateway.
Mobile phone bulk text messaging software has facility save sent items list records for future reference. Application has attractive user-friendly GUI wizard and does not require any external hardware or software for send SMS to all national or international mobile phone numbers.
Some unique aspects:
* GSM based mobile phone SMS marketing software sends business sms, product new to your customers/clients for making long-term relationship.
* Nokia mobile phone mass sms sending software sends bulk text messages to selective or list of phone numbers either saved in txt files or import from phonebook numbers.
* Global text messaging utility efficiently supports all latest brands of GSM mobile phones including Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, HP and all latest models of Nokia cell phones.
* Instant cell phone text messaging utility helps user to communicate with your target clients living at anywhere in the universe.
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